Wheeling Township Arlington Heights Cemetery, Arlington Heights

About Wheeling Township Arlington Heights Cemetery, Arlington Heights

The Wheeling Township Arlington Heights Cemetery is located on the north side of Euclid, west of Rand Road in Arlington Heights. It was the original burial site for the Kennicott family and a number of tombstones dating back to the early 1800s. Names like Kennicott, Sigwalt, Noyes, Landmeier, Klehm, Best and Miner are all there. These early settlers’ names also can be found on streets throughout northwest suburban Villages, a tribute to the early and influential role they played in the area’s history.  About 20 members of the Dunton family – the name by which the town of Arlington Heights was known until 1887 – are also buried in the Township Cemetery. The three Township appointed trustees – John Glueckert Jr., Jon Kolssak, and Anthony Camacho- are responsible for sales and contracted maintenance of the four-acre cemetery. They devote a great deal of time and personal interest seeing that the Cemetery, a little piece of history in the midst of modern suburbia, is carefully preserved and maintained. Burial sites are available for purchase for $500 each to township residents, or immediate family members of township residents, immediate family members of those already buried there.

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