Elmwood Cemetery, River Grove


2905 Thatcher Ave, River Grove, IL 60171

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Elmwood Cemetery, River Grove

The land that Elmwood Cemetery sits on was originally a Union Army Post which housed barracks for soldiers during the United States Civil War. Our Civil War Memorials, in sections 4 and 41, pay tribute to the sacrifice Chicago-area men made from 1861 to 1865. Erected in 1903 by the U.S. Grant Post 28 of the Grand Army of the Republic, the memorial is inscribed with the names of the 48 Civil War battles in which post members fought. A statue of a Union Army flag bearer stands atop the memorial. It is flanked on each side by a figure of a representative of the Union Forces: Calvary, Infantry, Artillery, and Navy. A total of over 200 Civil War veterans are buried near the monument. The Washington Post monument sits across the street in section 41 honoring soldiers who fought for our country.

The River Grove train depot was constructed in 1887, making it possible for those in the city to visit what was then farmland and country. Nine years later in 1896, the land was made into a cemetery, then called Elmwood Cemetery after the 5 Elm Groves in the area. Elmwood Cemetery has served families of all faiths and nationalities with dignity and honor for over 121 years. We have families of German, Norwegian, Irish, English, Chinese, Korean, Slovakian, and Bohemian descent, and Elmwood Cemetery has been the preferred cemetery for many generations of Eastern Orthodox families for over 90 years. We also serve the Greek, Assyrian, Armenian, Russian, Ukrainian and Serbian communities. In fact, many families have chosen our compassionate care and beautiful park for their loved ones for as many as 4 generations. 

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