Huntley Cemetery, Huntley


Dean St, Huntley, IL 60142

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Huntley Cemetery, Huntley​

The Huntley Cemetery was established in 1861 and is the resting place of the Village of Huntley’s founding father, Thomas Stillwell Huntley (1807 – 1894) as well as many other early leaders of the Village of Huntley. Many servicemen and women who served our Country are also buried throughout the Cemetery.

In 2012 a Columbarium was added to the Cemetery to provide a second option for a resting place in addition to the traditional internment burial. The Cemetery, owned and operated by the Village, is located at 11500 Dean Street (east side) and 11503 Dean Street (west side). It encompasses just over seven acres of property.

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