Dundee Township East Cemetery, Dundee Township


420 Dundee Ave, East Dundee, IL 60118

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Dundee Township East Cemetery, Dundee Township

On April 18, 1892, the citizens of East Dundee by vote decided to have a township cemetery and elected three trustees as the board of cemetery trustees, including
D. C. Adams, O. W. Smith and C. W. Schlueter. The trustees began with the purchase of land at the corner of routes 72 and 25 in East Dundee. The first purchase was in 1893 – 10 acres from Almena and George Giddings estate for $1,500. The second parcel was purchased in 1926 and added 7.94 acres from Hugo T. Kluska for $3,500. Then in 1933, 20.05 additional acres were purchased from Claude and Marion Healy for $7,175. Finally, in 1956, the final 10 acres was bought from Clarence Schroeder for $9,500. In total, the East
Cemetery has 47.99 acres of land that were purchased for a total cost of $21,675.

At the current rate of usage, the East Cemetery should have enough available land to continue to offer burial space for the next 75 years.

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