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About Lisle Cemetery, Lisle

The Lisle Cemetery is one of the oldest registered cemeteries in DuPage County and one of the oldest cemeteries in the State
of Illinois. Five of the first eleven settlers to stake property claims in the area during the 1830s are buried in this quaint, rustic cemetery.

They include:
Luther Hatch, settled 1832
James Crombie Hatch, settled 1832
A. B. Chatfield, settled 1834
John Graves, settled 1835
George Willard, settled 1835

The cemetery was established in 1832 when James C. Hatch donated a portion of his land so fellow settlers could bury their loved ones. James and his brother Luther traveled to Lisle from New England and were the first settlers in the area. Their ancestors are believed to have been in the second company of Pilgrims that arrived in America in 1626. 

Mr. Hatch cared for the cemetery until June 4, 1883, when the Lisle Cemetery Association was formally incorporated under Illinois state law to collect fees that would be used to manage, maintain and improve the site. Lisle resident Bill McKibben was the volunteer caretaker of the cemetery from 1957 until 1987. The Village of Lisle acquired ownership of the property in 1987 when Mr. McKibben could no longer maintain the cemetery.

Since accepting ownership, the Village of Lisle has been committed to the restoration and preservation of the two-acres to ensure that its historical significance to the
community endures.

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