Lake Avenue Cemetery, Crystal Lake


Lake Ave, Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Lake Avenue Cemetery, Crystal Lake

The Lake Avenue Cemetery (originally known simply as the “Crystal Lake Cemetery”) is the oldest public burying ground in Crystal Lake and Algonquin Township.  The cemetery was laid out in 1840.  According to the book, “The History of McHenry County, Illinois,” which was first published in 1885, the first person buried here was Ella King, daughter of Isaac and Almina King.

The cemetery eventually became part of the large estate of Charles S. Dole.  Mr. Dole traded the cemetery land to the village of Crystal Lake in exchange for allowing a road to be run down to the lake and his home.  The new road changed the orientation of the cemetery. Today’s front of the cemetery actually used to be the back!

Since 1840, nearly 1,200 people have been buried in this two acre cemetery.  Many of the early settlers of Crystal Lake are buried here.

The Lake Avenue Cemetery is owned and maintained by Algonquin Township.  On August 15, 2000, the Crystal Lake City Council voted unanimously to approve the application for Landmark Designation of the Lake Avenue Cemetery.

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