Dundee Township West Cemetery, Dundee Township

About Dundee Township West Cemetery, Dundee Township

The West Dundee Cemetery is located on Route 31 across from Spring Hill Mall. The 9-acre west cemetery started as a private family burial place. It was owned by Alfred Edwards and began when he buried his 2-year-old daughter, Olivia. Years later, he donated a portion of it to Dundee Township. Although there is a burial dating to 1834, this cemetery was not incorporated until 1861 when the Dundee Cemetery Association, a private corporation, was formed.

The Dundee Township Association ran the cemetery until May 23, 1950, when the township voters passed a referendum to accept the proposal by the trustees of the Dundee Cemetery Association to consolidate its cemetery, together with all its funds, equipment, etc. thereto belonging, with the Dundee Township.

There are no available plots in this cemetery except burials still occur for those who have existing burial rights.

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