Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort


Cloister Pl, Frankfort, IL 60423

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort

The Frankfort Township Cemetery is Will County’s oldest recorded cemetery. Some of the original graves predate the Civil War and the monuments are the beautiful old cut stone style. The monuments and grave markers have changed style through the years, showing the passage of time from pre-civil war to the current time.

The Frankfort Township’s first grave dates back to November 2, 1836, it belongs to Sarah Hill, wife of Origen Hill. The 1873 atlas of Will County shows the unnamed cemetery was surrounded by the Alias Scheer Family Farm. Until the Frankfort Cemetery Association was formed in 1891, it was also informally known as the Scheer Cemetery.

The Frankfort Cemetery Association had the Cemetery surveyed on August 23, 1894, and recorded with the State of Illinois on January 17, 1896.

When the association aged as a group, they wanted to ensure the graves would be preserved with dignity and the grounds maintained, so the cemetery was donated to Frankfort Township along with an access road. The Township has maintained both ever since that time.

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