Deer Grove Cemetery, Barrington


Marie Rd, Barrington, IL 60010

Open Daily 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Deer Grove Cemetery, Barrington

Deer Grove Cemetery is a long narrow rectangle running north from Dundee Road along Marie Drive, which is a renamed section of Ela Road. The gate is on Marie Drive. Just inside the gate is an open area, creating large gaps in some of the rows. This open area is the location of the old church. The ground is highest to the north and slopes somewhat steeply to the south (the old church site) and quite steeply at the east edge of the property. There is a wooded area to the east. A fence surrounds the property except on the east side. The fence that was on the east side some 25 years ago is now gone. The burials are in rows running from south to north.

In 1972-73, most of the stones were still standing and most were readable. By 1999, many stones are fallen or completely missing, and some have been moved. Many are now unreadable.

There are at least 2 unmarked graves at Deer Grove. One, possibly the oldest, is that of Anna Meiners who died in 1847, and is an ancestress of David Koss. The other is that of Anna Gesina Landwehr geb. Thalen who died about 1852, and is an ancestress of David Koss. The location of these graves is not known.

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