Elegance, pride, and strength, are all things that stand out in our minds when we see these upright monuments on full display throughout any cemetery in Illinois. Gast Monuments has a sort of flair for building memorials that stand out and uniquely tell the story of those memorialized. 

Being the oldest monument builder in Chicago, like our company, our monuments stand the test of time. You bring us the story of your loved one and we design a memorial that will help you celebrate that story they lived. 

Start by choosing the right material. 

Resilient as well as extremely immune to weathering, granite is the recommended option as well as one of the most frequently used stone materials for handcrafting upright monuments. If an upright monument is not to your liking, we also offer custom grave markers as well as headstones in bronze, marble, and even larger granite mausoleums. No matter the shape Gast Monuments has a stone for every story. 

You may have a clear vision for your monument yet are struggling to put it right into words or locate appropriate instances. With our full gallery of past works, you can see what we have helped others create just to get an idea and for some memorial inspiration. 

Once you are ready to get started designing your own, reach out. Gast monuments offers 3 memorial design locations throughout the Chicago area. So fill out our “Request a Proposal Form”  and schedule an appointment today. 

Want to dive deeper?

In this article, we will cover the basics of upright monuments as well as their various styles, shapes, and various carvings we have designed for others. 

  • Estate

Family Monuments

Simply stated a family monument is a single monument that memorializes each family member all in the same monument. A story lasts for generations in stone but a full family of stories in stone creates a legacy. Crafting a memorial of this magnitude takes a ton of collaboration within your family as well as with our designers. 

As a family-owned and operated business, our family here at Gast Monuments knows the importance of preserving our family’s legacy. As such, we hope we can help preserve yours for generations to come.  

Whether a smaller traditional upright tablet or a large multi-piece setup we can help you and your family name stand tall above the rest. Get started by viewing our various memorial examples and when you are ready, reach out for a proposal from our friendly Chicago based staff to start designing. 


Estate Monuments

An estate monument is similar to a family monument with one slight difference. An estate monument will either stand in front or behind multiple burial plots that each is already adorned with their own individual flat markers

These large estate monuments add a special centerpiece to any group of memorials. The common family name will likely be centered on the stone, proudly for all to see. When it comes to customizations, estate monuments tend to take far more liberties with style. Because these monuments are such an honorable addition, they are typically designed with a special flair to encompass multiple stories and personalities. 

Monuments for a single individual

The standard upright monument. The most traditional and most popular of all monuments. Likely set atop a granite base, a monument for a single person is more than large enough to tell a complete story. 

The color, the size, the overall shape, and the personalized engravings can all be customized to help tell the memorialized story. The whole memorial can be completely personalized, from top to bottom, the key is the unique memorialized story. Your loved one lived a beautiful and unique life and now it’s our job to help design that story to last for generations.

Customized Monument Engravings

Whether carved or sculpted, these one-of-a-kind statues will surely honor any lost loved one or companion. Shape carved from a single block of your chosen granite color, these memorial works make a wonderfully unique and different memorial. 

The shear amount of detail that goes into this type of memorial is truly astounding. To get the person or animals likeness just right, we need your help. If you are interested in crafting your own custom statue, bring our designers as many photos and media as possible. With an abundance of detail from you your designer will be able to craft the memorial statue of your dreams. 


Chicago's Oldest Monument Builder

Being Chicago’s oldest monument builder means we have designed and completed 1000’s of monuments since our inception. Our craftsmanship is evident in each of the examples you will see throughout this page and the rest of our site here. 

Whether full upright monuments, flat markers, or large mausoleums, we continue to design and deliver beautiful works of memorial art that tell the story of those being memorialized for generations to come. 

At Gast Monuments, we understand and value the tradition of remembering. Because your satisfaction is our greatest concern, your monument customizations we help you to create will be made with pride and at a phenomenal degree of expertise.

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