Flat Grave Markers

What is a Flat Grave Marker?

Answer: a Flat Grave Marker is usually 2 feet wide, 1 foot in width and 3 inches thick. A Flat Grave marker from Gast Monuments can come in any granite color we carry and can be utilized as a very honorable memorial throughout all of the cemeteries we service in the Local Chicago Area. Engraved with their name, date of birth, and date of passing, your loved one’s flat grave marker can also host a larger graphic design of their hobbies or even a porcelain picture of them living their best life.

Also known as a “Flat Grass Level Grave Marker” or “Flat” for short, a Flat Grass Marker will 99% of the time be set at the top of the cemetery plots “headspace” and be flush with the grass or earth surrounding it. Either laid in concrete foundation or just simply set in a level cut out, a Flat Grass Marker is both an inexpensive and discrete way to memorialize your loved one.

Flat Companion Markers

A flat companion marker is a single memorial headstone that is cut long enough to play host to two loving individuals that were companions through this life and on to the next. Flat Companion Markers can be utilized on single grave plots or can be designed to span over the top of multiple plots.

Once again, using a Flat Companion Marker will host 2 names and their respective dates. The differing style aspect here is a companion marker will make use of a larger “Banner Style” engraving technique to show a shared surname between the two deceased. Other bonding symbols and shapes are also predominantly utilized in Flat Companion Markers such as:

  • Wedding Rings
  • 2 Flying Birds
  • A Shared Activity

Flat Gravestones Set In the Surrounding Chicago Area

Here are some of the Flat Gravestones we have set over the years for well-standing members of our Chicago Family. Although some aspects of each memorial design are similar, all end up completely unique from the rest once you sit down with one of our expert memorial designers.

Our Gast Monuments staff will guide you through the basics of designing your loved one’s memorial from beginning to end. Save hundreds on the memorial of your loved one by having it built by Gast Monuments.

Flat Headstones Previously Crafted

These flat headstones are all previously completed works of memorial art from our manufacturing shop in Chicago, IL.

Flat Marker Memorial Questions: FAQ

  • Do you have to worry about landscaping when placing a flat marker?

Answer: The landscape can be tricky in some locations but most of the flat lawn markers we sell and install end up in a concrete foundation when they are set.

  • We are looking for a cheap headstone for my dad, is a flat grave marker the way to go?

Answer: A flat headstone is the most cost-effective way to traditionally memorialize your loved one. Our single flat grass markers start at $500 and go up from there, so if you’re looking for something simple and classy, we have you covered with our flat marker selection.

  • How do we set our flat marker after we have purchased it?

Answer: If you have purchased your Flat Grave Marker Through us at Gast Monuments, then we have already included installation in the overall price and it will be taken care of for you. If you have purchased your Flat from another monument retailer and need Gast to install it for you, please reach out to our experts via phone or contact form so that we can help you work through your current situation.