Flat Grave Markers

Flat Grave Markers are lawn level granite memorials that are set at the top of the burial in what is known as the “head” or the top of the grave plot. The flat grave marker is normally 4″ thick and typically 24” x 12”.  With a flat polished visible top, the options for memorial customization are only limited to the available surface area. 

When it comes to flat headstone customization, Gast Monuments offers a wide range of memorial engravings. From Christian Crosses and Stars of David to eternal flames and flower adornments. 

Designing With Granite 

The process for crafting a flat grave marker starts with the criteria provided by our clients. They meet with our expert memorial designers and then we render all of the client’s memorial hopes and dreams into a tangible mock-up. That mock-up is then approved and sent to our master stone carvers in memorial the fabrication department. After sourcing the material of choice, our team gets to work and the client’s one-of-a-kind art piece is created. Once complete, the memorial boulder or special carving is installed and the process is complete.

Adding Bronze For Finer Details

Bronze Flat Grave Markers are restricted to certain cemeteries in the Chicago land area. Almost any design, nature scene, or collage of photos can be remastered and cast into beautiful bronze. 

Being mounted to the flat marker, the granite color you choose will make a difference. The bronze is positioned with 2 inches of granite in the margin 

Single Burial Flat Headstones For Graves

A single person flat marker is just that, a flat grave marker for a single individual. Telling the story of that single person is our mission. To do so, we will incorporate many of their favorite things and engrave them to last for generations. 

At Gast Monuments, we focus a lot on the contrast within the design and the longevity of the memorial. Having your loved one’s memorial crafted by our expert staff will guarantee that. 

Flat Bronze Markers

Adding a bronze plaque to a flat grave marker is an option or requirement only in select cemeteries. We have multiple options of finishes that will allow you to accommodate so much more detail than just a traditional engraving on granite. 

With a mixture of polished and hammered styles, the details will shine through even on cloudy days. In fact, so much detail can be shown in bronze that we can even take multiple photos of your loved one and remaster them into their personal plaque to truly tell their whole story.

Flat Granite Headstones

To conclude, flat grave markers are a perfect memorial for single individuals as well as couples and companions. This style of grave marker is one of the most economically friendly to design. 

Whether a traditional granite memorial or one with a mounted bronze, a flat grave marker from Gast Monuments is a dignified and honorable memorial option. 

Let our expert memorial designers build your loved ones’ flat memorial today.

Flat Grave Markers

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