Memorial Boulders & Special Stone Projects

A memorial boulder is a naturally shaped memorial that can be cut and polished to offer the best of both elegance polished lettering and a rough jagged edge. These memorials are often used to naturally fit the landscape of parks, gardens, or in front of commerical buildings or houses to display their address. 

As for our special projects, they reall need to speak for themselves. All custom carved from a material choosen by our clients, these memorial engraving projects are all one of a kind. 

The Process

The process for all of these types of memorials starts with a wishlist provided by our clients. They meet with our expert memorial designers and then we render all of the clients memorial hopes and dreams into a tangable mock-up. That mock-up is then approved and sent to our master stone carvers in memorial the fabrication department. After sourcing the material of choice, our team gets to work and the clients one-of-a-kind art piece is created. Once complete, the memorial boulder or special carving is installed and the process is complete. 

Gast Monuments

Over the years Gast Monuments has had the honor of producing some beautiful pieces of memorial art through out Memorial Boulders and Special Stone Projects. Next we will walk through a couple previous works to help guide you through the process of designing one for your self. 

Special projects:
Pet Memorial Garden Stones

Pet Memorial Garden Stones are often small and simple memorial stones that are placed over the burial of a beloved pet or used within a family garden. Able to be ordered in any one of our granite colors, these affordable memorials make an awesome tribute to the life of a loved companion. 

Being that these memorials are not placed in a cemetery, the options for engraving and overall style is almost limitless. Speak with one of our memorial designers today to go over all of the available pet memorial options. 

Special projects: Custom Statues

Whether carved or sculpted, these one-of-a-kind statues will surely honor any lost loved one or companion. Shape carved from a single block of your chosen granite color, these memorial works make a wonderfully unique and different memorial. 

The shear amount of detail that goes into this type of memorial is truly astounding. To get the person or animals likeness just right, we need your help. If you are interested in crafting your own custom statue, bring our designers as many photos and media as possible. With an abundance of detail from you your designer will be able to craft the memorial statue of your dreams. 


Special projects: Incorporating and Mixing Materials (adding Bronze)

When using granite just won’t cut it, we look to adding other materials such as marble, bronze, or sandstone to aid in telling the memorialized story. We can craft almost any shape or likeness from bronze, and adding it to a granite or marble memorial will really help it to stand out. 

For those looking to create something special for their memorial, Gast Monuments is here to help. We specialize in large, custom projects that most other memorial shops just can’t handle. Request a proposal from our expert staff today.

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