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Markers are our most popular memorial choice. There are several styles to choose from, but bear in mind, the marker that you choose will be dependent on the cemetery's regulations:

  • Lawn Level: Set flat into the ground; Size: 24 in x 12 in x 4 in.
  • Slant: An upright stone with a slanted face; Size: 24 in x 10 in with varied height (typically 12-18in).
  • Bevel: An above ground marker where the height is slightly higher in the back than in the front; Size: 24 in x 12 in x 8 in (Back)/6 in (Front).

At Gast Monuments Inc., we give you control of the design process, however, we are here to offer assistance along the way. When you order a marker from us, you will be given the option to design your marker, to pick from a variety of pre-made designs from our shop or do a combination of both. Additionally, our markers come in a variety of colored granite including some of the colors shown here. Markers can be made for a single individual or for multiple individuals. As you make your decision, you may want to consider some of the following options:

Single Markers

Single markers are designed for one individual. A typical single marker includes the deceased's name, date of birth, date of death and a line of endearment.

Double Interment Markers

Double interment markers are designed for two or more individuals buried in the same grave. These markers, like the single markers, also include the individuals' names, dates, and texts of endearment. To fit two or more names in a limited amount of space, a portion of the design or some of the text may be omitted or modified.

Match-Mate Markers

Match-mate markers are two single markers side-by-side in the cemetery. These match-mate markers share complementary designs to illustrate a relationship. This is a good option for couples or family members who are buried next to each other.

Match Mate markers

Companion Markers

Companion markers are markers that cover two adjoining graves. Common companion markers are 36, 42, or 48 inches wide.

Marker Duplication

Upon request, Gast Monuments Inc. can duplicate a marker already in the cemetery. To do this, a Gast Monuments representative will make an impression of the requested marker so that the font and design can be accurately mirrored.


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