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About Us

We are dedicated to designing and building lasting memorials that are above and beyond the industry standard — using the latest techniques as well as time-honored technology — so as to create memorials that are tailored to the needs of our clients and their loved ones.

We understand the importance of creating an individualized memorial to your loved one — one that is appropriate to their memory and to your budget as well — and we work closely with all of our clients to develop a memorial that will be an appropriate expression of their grief.

At Gast Monuments, we pride ourselves in using the finest materials and design concepts, and we have been honored to serve our clients and the memory of their loved ones since 1880.

Our Code of Ethics — established over 130 years ago — stresses respect for each client and acknowledgement of their grief. We are privileged to serve you and the memory of your loved one.

You are welcome to visit our studios and carving facility to learn about the art of stone carving and view the process of how a memorial is made.


We are members of the following professional organizations:


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